brother farr


Statement to create

A desire to be known by any means necessary. Every tool is a means through which the Artist will be heard. Creations inscribed by holy utterance, speaking to the heart of the one who needs to hear it most. It is not for ANYONE, it is for you.


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About The Artist

Joshua Farr is a multi-disciplinary artist combining digital and analog sound and film to capture moments of “delightful mediocrity”, focusing on the beautiful mundanity of daily existence on The Way Back Home.A native to the Bay Area, Farr’s artwork mirrors the natural and industrial beauty that has become synonomous with Northern California. This art is created with the intention to create space to pause and delight in the artwork of the Creator that envelops us.



November '22 - Designer Highlight: Joshua Farr

July '22 - The Crown Oakland: Artist Interview


Jan '22 - Viscera Studio EP. 1

Oct '19 - Small Operations ep. 7
"the movement"

brother farr


What we Have, What we Choose"

"What we Have, What we Choose" - Artist spotlight at The Crown: Royal Coffee Lab & Tasting Room from June through September 2022. Reprints coming soon, please join the mailing list for updates.

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